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We live and breathe monetization

Turn your users into revenue, while they earn rewards by completing offers, watching videos and engaging with brands.


Promote your app, acquire new users, and go viral!

Rewarded ads

Nowadays, Users are forced to watch ads at the wrong place, at the wrong time - ads they don't like. With rewarded ads, the users choose when to view and engage. It's a great user experience, while the advertiser gets the full attention of the user.

Its a win-win situation – a great user experience, while the advertiser gets the full attention of the user.

Self serve platform

The world of online advertising is always on the move. With our Self Serve Platform you can create new campaigns, manage your budget, optimize traffic, and target your market. With a push a button, expose your product to our in house direct traffic.

Stay in control, lead the way! Don't just buy installs, buy targeted loyal users!

Anti fraud tools

Using a combination of fraud prevention tools and techniques, we make sure fraudulent users are blocked and minimize the chances for painful chargebacks for our publishers, as well as issues for our advertisers.

Through out many years in the industry we’ve established a trustworthy reputation of high-quality traffic and low chargeback rate.

User acquisition

Promote your brand, acquire new users, expose your product to the world. With millions of active users every month, engaging with our platform through thousands of apps and sites, acquiring new users has never been easier. Take your brand to the next level!




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Easy integration

Our SDK is lightweight and super easy to integrate!


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