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Prodege has established itself as a leading platform for consumer rewards and cashback programs in the United States since its inception in 2005. Their flagship consumer property, Swagbucks, launched in 2008 and has been empowering users to earn cashback rewards for completing surveys, shopping, watching videos, and discovering new brands. With seven distinct consumer properties and 120 million global registered members, Prodege enjoys a significant presence in the industry.


Prodege’s commitment to delivering personalized experiences to its members led to a search for new avenues to monetize and engage users, especially on their flagship property, Swagbucks. They faced a plateau in revenue growth with their previous offerwall providers, necessitating a change.


Torox was able to provide increased rates, which enabled Prodege to offer their users rewards that were triple their usual amount during a special promotion. The varied inventory of offers Torox continuously maintains has managed to engage a wide range of users, from many different countries. This strategy proved very effective in keeping the users active and satisfied for a long period of time, despite the short time window it required.


EPC Soared 5X: The implementation of Torox Offerwall caused Prodege’s Earnings Per Click (EPC) to skyrocket. This remarkable fivefold increase in EPC indicated a substantial improvement in the effectiveness of their monetization strategy.

Ad Revenue Surged by 40%: Prodege experienced a substantial 40% surge in ad revenue. This impressive growth is a testament to the potency of Torox Offerwall in driving revenue.

Lasting effect: Though the promotion lasted 4 days, the increase in EPC and revenue was evident for over a month after the promotion ended.