Bitcoin Mining Simulator Game


Launched in 2019, RollerCoin quickly became the most popular crypto mining simulator game, boasting an active community of over 10 million users. In this free-to-play hit, players engage in fun online games to mine various cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, DOGE, BNB, and RollerToken. The competition unfolds as participants build their mining farms and strive to outline their friends in this virtual Bitcoin mining experience.


RollerCoin sought to find a new monetization solution that would not only increase revenue but also diversify its dependence on other monetization platforms. RollerCoin found itself with a performance gap. Torox’s ad unit proved itself to be the perfect solution to stabilize and subsequently grow RollerCoin’s revenue.


Rollercoin integrated the Torox offerwall and ran a month-long competition among its users with the primary objective of enhancing user engagement. The top 100 users who demonstrated the highest earnings on Torox’s Offerwall throughout the competition were then granted rewards of up to a 3X increase in RLT virtual coins


RollerCoin’s partnership with Torox and the implementation of Torox’s offerwall promotions delivered remarkable results:

Revenue Growth:

Rollercoin experienced a noteworthy 300% increase in revenue following the integration of the Torox offerwall. This surge can be attributed to heightened user interaction and participation in the platform.

User Engagement:

A substantial 45% of Rollercoin’s user base actively visited the Torox offerwall. This surge in user engagement is indicative of the successful integration of the Torox offerwall and its appeal to Rollercoin’s audience.