Frequently Asked Questions

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I want to monetize my users with Torox, how can I do that?

If you are a web/app developer, you can sign up for our Torox platform and choose from our different monetization solutions: web-based offerwall, Mobile-SDK offerwall, or our API.

I want to monetize my users with Torox, how can I do that?

You are not required to provide any prepayment or commitment. You can start monetizing with us freely, and you can always stop our partnership if it does not suit your business needs. This is a risk-free partnership!

What are the Requirements for Publishers Who Want to Use Our Solution?

Our solutions are designed for publishers who have a game economy or a platform that can reward the user with virtual currency or other benefits. This means that the user can use the virtual currency to make in-app purchases, access premium features, or withdraw it for real money. If you have such a game economy or platform, you can integrate our solution and offer your users a variety of offers to complete for rewards.

What is Virtual Currency?

Our offers reward your users using your platform’s virtual currency - a coin they can use on your platform or app for the services you offer.

How do your Users Benefit from the Offerwall?

Once users engage with our offerwall, they can use the virtual currency they earned to advance in your game or to redeem in exchange for rewards that you provide, for example, gift cards, cryptocurrency, and game skins.

What Kind of Users Will Benefit from the Offerwall?

Most users are not spenders - they don’t make in-app purchases (IAP) in order to advance in games. Torox helps you maximize your revenue with users. These users can actively complete our offers and both you and your users benefit.

What type of offers will my users have access to?

Torox has a wide variety of offers your users can choose from. Your users can choose to do offers that take a few seconds (install an app, sign up for a service). Your users can choose to play high-quality games with multiple awards along the way. You can choose what categories of offers your users will see and your users have the freedom to choose what they want to do and how.

How will I receive my payments?

We have a monthly payment cycle and you will receive your payments automatically via bank transfer or PayPal payment. All the information is presented clearly and transparently. Throughout the years we’ve worked with thousands of publishers who have learned to trust our consistent payments.

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